Eponymous debut album on Captured Tracks

Widowspeak - Widowspeak Widowspeak, formed and based in Brooklyn but originally from Tacoma and Chicago, are getting ready for their first album. After a couple of 7”s featuring their brilliant mix of dream-pop and Americana-tinged folk-rock, New York label Captured Tracks is releasing their self-titled debut LP on 9th August. The effort is said to be the exciting reflection of a band still in its adolescence, yet to reach its peak. Promise and reality will meet on the ten songs reminiscent of Mazzy Star, Kendra Smith and Tarnation. Two of them, “Gun Shy” and “Harsh Realm” have already been released on 7”. The new single, “Nightcrawlers”, accelerates the rhythm and introduces smoking guitars - but Molly Hamilton still has her Hope Sandoval-esque, laconic voice intact

Widowspeak - "Nightcrawlers" by forcefieldpr "Gun Shy" by Widowspeak by forcefieldpr "Harsh Realm" by Widowspeak by forcefieldpr

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