When Saints Go Machine

Fail Forever

When Saints Go MachineThey played the anonymous card when they started out (at the end of 2007, happy days when a Danish radio station heard a few of their tunes on MySpace and started playing them without knowing anything about the project), and they seemed to want to repeat the mystery trick when German label !K7 decided to release their songs worldwide. But no, it was time to stop playing games and reveal their true identities. The talents behind the name When Saints Go Machine are Jonas Kenton, Simon Muschinsky, Silas Moldenhawer and Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, four youngsters from Copenhagen who’ve known each other since they were little nippers. Vonsild writes the lyrics and puts his unique voice to the songs which move between clubby electronica and pop with an air of existentialist torch songs. Their relationship with !K7 will be consummated at the end of January, with “Fail Forever”, a first five-track EP, which will be released as an appetiser to their almost-complete debut album. According to Nikolaj, the band used “more classical instruments this time, although some of them don't sound classical, because we mess with them because of our electronic background. The arrangements are bigger and better. It's more evolved all round”. Things look promising.

When Saints Go machine - “Fail Forever”01. Fail Forever 02. Pick Up Your Tears And Run 03. Pinned 04. You Or The Gang 05. Greys And Blues

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