Water Borders

“Harbored Mantras” on Tri Angle

Water Borders Tri Angle has just revealed details of their third album reference. On 10th October - forty days after Balam Acab’s album debut, “Harbored Mantras” - the debut by Water Borders, will be released. According to Robyn Carolan, the Californian duo’s album sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Coming from anyone else it would be a promo cliché, empty words, but given the label’s history, we’re inclined to believe him. It’s mostly inspired by the dark world of Coil and post-garage UK dance music. Add to that some drops of Scott Walker, echoes from spiritual dub, the monastic ambient of early Popol Vuh, some tribal, a few Shackleton-like sounds, proto-techno rhythms and the odd exotic touch (Indonesian gamelan music, some African poly-rhythms) and you’ll be close to having an idea of what Water Borders is all about. We can’t wait for October.

Water Borders - What Wiwant by TriAngleRecords

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