Washed Out

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Whashed Out As you’ll know by now, Ernest Greene’s (alias Washed Out) debut album on Sub Pop is about to drop. “Within And Without” will be in stores as from Tuesday 12th July, but we can offer you the streaming of the album now, courtesy once again of NPR. Click here to hear it. Our first impression is very positive. He’s taken his time to follow up on “Life Of Leisure”, an EP full of nostalgic and longing pop, infested with shining psychedelica and a synthetic sound that landed him both critical and public acclaim two years ago. On his first LP, Greene delivers a collection of friendly songs that could be the soundtrack to your summer, with nods to emo-techno, shoegaze and chilled-out nineties electronica. We’ve fallen in love with the violins of “Far Away”.

Washed Out - Amor Fati by subpop

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