Details on “Coracle”

Walls have the follow-up to their acclaimed eponymous debut album on Kompakt ready. According to the press release, on “Coracale” Alessio Natalizia (alias Banjo or Freakout) and Sam Willis (half of Allez Allez) once again exercise a sound on the intersection of multi-coloured ambient, vaporous pop and shoegaze electronica - but adding new rhythmic dimensions and influences from Detroit techno and Chicago house. It all combines to create a more danceable effort, the spirit of which is encapsulated in the title of one of the tracks: “Ecstatic Truth”. It is a tribute to filmmaker and writer Werner Herzog - particularly to his ideas about the absence of predetermined meanings in art and the freedom of the audience to interpret it as they please. The release date is set for 26th September, on Kompakt.

"Sunporch" By Walls by Kompakt

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