Vivian Girls

Drop some hints about third album

Vivian GirlsA year after the release of “Everything Goes Wrong” (In The Red, 2009), the wheel is spinning again over at Vivian Girls HQ. The US lo-fi garage pop queens have just dropped fresh details about the band’s third studio album, which they’ve almost finished recording—there’s just some retouching, overdubs and remixes left to be done. In a recent interview Vivian Girls gave to Verbicide, Cassie Ramone and Katy Goodman revealed that there’ll be changes both in the sound and regarding the record label. The band’s two main members have confirmed the new album, entitled “Shared the Joy”, won’t be released through In The Red as their two previous ones were. They have signed for a new label, presumably a bigger one, but have decided to keep it a secret for now. As for the creative process of making the new album, recorded in Brooklyn at Wood’s Jarvis Taveniere’s studio, Ramone has been more open than in the past about being in the studio and adding some new timbers to their songs: “In the past I was reluctant to add guitar overdubs just because I didn’t want it to sound way emptier live than on record, and it’s hard as a punk three-piece like we are, so I would never really insert a guitar solo over rhythm guitar. I have done that so rarely in the past, but I think we’re probably going to do a little more of that on this next album. We’re probably going to put in some organ.”On a related note, Ramone and Goodman have confirmed they are also working on side projects. Besides All Saints Day (a duo with Gregg Foreman), redhead Kickball Katy will release a solo album under the alias La Sera on Hardly Art. Ramone, on the other hand, will soon see the debut album release of her band The Babies via Tripper, as well as a first solo album called “Zenith”, to be released by In the Red early next year. These girls know how to keep themselves busy.

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