Vinyl sales in the UK

55% growth thanks to Radiohead

Vinyl sales in the UK Though its market share pales in comparison to the other formats, vinyl is still alive and kicking. In synch with the latest projections for the North American market (during the last NARM convention, some analysts went as far as predicting a 25% growth in vinyl sales for the second half of 2011), the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) has just revealed data that imply a considerable growth of vinyl sales in the UK during the first half of this year. 55% more vinyl records were sold in the UK in comparison to the same period last year, going from a total of 108,307 copies sold to 168,296. In good part, it's due to Radiohead's latest album, “The King Of Limbs”; the best-selling album with 20,000 copies sold, followed by Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye, with 2,374 copies of their debut album sold, and Adele's “21” coming third with 2,317 copies. Like in the USA, where over 1.8 million vinyl LPs have been sold so far this year, Record Day Store helped to increase vinyl sales in the UK for the fourth consecutive year.

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