Streaming ?Becoming a Jackal?

VillagersThe internet: a necessary evil. There is so much information floating around the web that recordings that would normally get attention in traditional media (print and radio) today risk getting buried by the sheer amounts of new releases out there. A case in point is Becoming a Jackal, the debut album by Villagers, the alias of Irishman Conor O'Brien, a young man who is influenced by the less rustic forms of folk and pop (with string, wind and piano arrangements) to create warm and delicate songs, strangely naive and mature, that remind us of artists like Neil Young, Robert Wyatt, Randy Newman and Bright Eyes. “Becoming a Jackal” is released this week in the US. Domino is streaming the album in its entirety.

Villagers - “Becoming a Jackal”

01. I saw the Dead02. Becoming a Jackal03. Ship of Promises04. The Meaning of the Ritual05. Home06. That Day07. The Pact (I’ll be your Fever)08. Set the Tigers Free09. Twenty-Seven Strangers10. Pieces11. To Be Counted Among Men


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