“The Errant Charm” out in June

Vetiver  “The Errant Charm”

The folk band with the grassy name have their new album ready for Sub Pop. Two years after their laidback, warm and bright “ Tight Knit” (Sub Pop, 2009), Andy Cabic and his ever-changing family of musicians-friends return with “ The Errant Charm”. It seems that, as “Tight Knit” indicated, Vetiver keep moving away from the austere and eminently acoustic folk that distinguished them when they started out, to embrace a wider and more progressive sonic palette that establishes connections with the traditions of the North America west coast and Seventies folk-rock. “The Errant Charm” is apparently the perfect soundtrack for both an evening romance and an aimless walk. Not in vain does Cabic say he walked the streets of San Francisco for hours on end, mulling over the arrangements and exact lyrics for his new songs, something that shouldn’t come as a surprise if you look at the title. Cabic has written a text in which some of the particulars of the record are explained, citing such different artists as Erik Satie, Fleetwood Mac, The Durutti Column and Yo La Tengo as influences. He tells us that some of the songs are rockier and more “driving” than usual, although there will be room for more serene, almost ambient, tracks too. To put together the pieces of the “The Errant Charm” puzzle, we’ll still have to wait until 14th June.

Vetiver - Everyday by subpoprecords

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