Vessel/ El Kid

Split release on Astro:Dynamics

Vessel/ El Kid - “VeElSkSiEdL” After his recent mix for Sonic Router, young Vessel is now delivering “VeElSkSiEdL”, a split cassette release with Brighton boy El Kid (alias Sam Kidel). It will be the second reference on the young Astro:Dynamics label led by Bristolian Luke Owen (aka Rekordah), after last year’s compilation Astro:Dynamics. Seb Gainsborough (aka Vessel to the authorities) contributes three cuts that oscillate between experiments with field recordings and dislocated techno and house. El Kid delivers four atmospheric compositions on which his piano plays the starring role. The cassette, limited to 100 copies, will be available as from 23rd May. If you prefer digital, you can already get it via the Astro:Dynamics Bandcamp page. .

Vessel & El Kid - VeElSkSiEdL by Astro:Dynamics

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