Veronica Falls

Album in October

Veronica Falls Veronica Falls debut album has a release date and artwork. The self-titled record will be out on 20th September in the USA, on Slumberland - while Bella Union will release it in the rest of the world on 17th October. The London foursome continue with their pop formula, which mixes sweetness and light with dissonance and darkness - injecting addictive melodies in sad, nervous and slightly disjointed pieces. “We love bands like Beat Happening, Velvet Underground, Galaxie 500 and Felt, but we also love over-emotionalism”, says drummer Patrick Doyle. Explaining why the band members connect perfectly with “the sinister sides to love songs from the 50’s and 60’s”. Mixing those ingredients well, Veronica Falls have shaped one of the most promising indie-pop albums of the upcoming autumn. To ease the wait, here’s the video of album closer “Come On Over”.

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