Venetian Snares

New lease of life at Timesig

Venetian SnaresAnyone that knows of the miraculous Venetian Snares and their delirious exercises in vandal breakcore of neo-classic forms, from Rossz Csillag Alta Született ( Planet Mu, 2005) to the twisted, acidic and neurotic IDM from their more recent Filth (Planet Mu, 2009), will agree that Aaron Funk is a man set apart from the rest. Perhaps this is the reason that Planet Mu have crafted a special space for him in the Mu family. The new album by Venetian Snares, “My So-Called Life”, will be available on 23rd August and will be the first issue on the Timesig label. Titles like “Ultraviolent Junglist” are clues as to the sonic direction of the record, which you can taste in a minute long preview here.

Venetian Snares - “My So-Called Life”

01. Posers And Camera Phones02. Cadaverous03. Aaron204. Who Wants Cake?05. Welfare Wednesday06. Ultraviolent Junglist07. Goodbye9/Hello1008. Sound Burglar09. Hajnal210. My So-Called Life

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