Various Production

New life, new website

Various ProductionBeing the prolific cell that they are (last year they released more than 10 references, among them the brilliant “The Invisible Lodger”, recorded jointly with Scottish poet Gerry Mitchell), it’s surprising how, as far as editing music goes, 2010 has been a blank year for Various Production up until now. We say, it has been, because the situation has now changed. Last Friday, Adam Philips and Ian Carter launched a new website. Although details are scarce, it seems like from now on the site will gather most of the activity generated by Various, including monthly updates, and the release of a series of white labels (accompanied by their corresponding artwork and videos) about which only those subscribed to the mailing list will receive information. The first of these releases, a set of three songs called “Loss”, “Gain” and “Greyface” , with artwork by David “Bonesy” Bray, can be downloaded here. Stay alert, then, to the new Various website because they’ve promised there’ll be surprises.

Various - “Loss”

Various - “Gain”

Various - “Greyface” (snippet)

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