Vampire Weekend

Sued over their record sleeve

Vampire WeekendMid-September 2009. The most musical corners of the web are filled with a hard to avoid image: the immaculate appearance of a young, crisp blonde dressed in a polo shirt. Clicking on the image is enough to find out the photo will be the sleeve of “Contra”, the much-awaited second album by Vampire Weekend. Well, it looks like the posh girl turned out to be quite rebellious... British media report that the lady in the picture by Tod Brody, Kirsten Kennis, has just sued the band for US$2 million in damages over using her image without consent. According to the media, Kennis pressed charges on Wednesday at the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles alleging that the signature on the waiver (the document the band, or someone from their record label, obtained the rights for the use of the photo) is false. Kennis maintains she had no idea the photo was going to be used for the sleeve of “Contra” until after the record was released and she blames Vampire Weekend for not having verified the legitimacy of the signature on the document. So far, the band have not made any comments on the matter.

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