Stereo Freeze

UntoldMore gas for R&S. The reborn Belgian label continues adding names to it’s renovated catalogue. And although among their most recent references there’s been room for the comeback of such a classic artist as Model 500 (his “OFI/Huesca” was released in September), their new interests are focused on big names from the dupstep continuum. After the recent signing of Space Dimension Controller (we highly recommend “Temporary Thrillz”, put out a week ago), the Belgian label has just announced their next reference will be by British Jack Dunning, alias Untold. His collaboration with Roska on Numbers is still fresh, but the boss of Hemlock Recordings has just finished a new 12” for R&S featuring two new tracks, “Stereo Freeze” and “Mass Dreams Of The Future”. The record will hit stores on 8th November.

Untold - “Stereo Freeze”A. Stereo FreezeB. Mass Dreams of The FutureUntold - Just For You


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