Underworld + Danny Boyle

Together again

UnderworldIs there anyone around today who doesn’t remember, fifteen years after its explosion, “Born Slippy”? It was 1996 when Underworld, idols of progressive stadium dance music, grew even bigger with the help of film director Danny Boyle, at the time the proud maker of his biggest hit to date, “Trainspotting”. Boyle got in touch with Karl Hyde and Rick Smith again three years ago, when he needed a soundtrack for “Sunshine”, his contribution to the sci-fi genre. It seems that Boyle was pleased with the results, because, according to The Guardian, the boys have been asked to do the music for the theatrical adaptation of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” which is being directed by Boyle. The piece, focussed on a musical point of view, will be premiered on 5th February at the London National Theatre. For now, it’s not clear if the soundtrack will be released commercially.

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