Umberto Makes Records In Twos

The American delivers two new albums on Not Not Fun and Rock Action Records in two days

Fans of producers who have a soft spot for the music of John Carpenter have reasons to be happy. Umberto, one of the people who has been paying tribute to giallo the most lately, with productions full of cinematic references and synthetic clouds, has not one, but two new albums ready. The first will be out on 29th October on Rock Action, co-directed by members of Mogwai. "Night Has A Thousand Screams" is based on Umberto’s compositions for the film "Pieces". After the jump, you can listen to album track "The Investigation".

A day later, Not Not Fun will release "Confrontations", another fine collection of tracks evoking B-movie, retro-futurist terror. Find the credits to the right of this article.

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