New album in November

Tycho Scott Hansen, musically known as Tycho (when he works as a graphic designer his name is IS050), is back on the music scene. On 15th November, Ghostly International will release his new album, “Dive” - a sun-drenched collection of tracks, in sepia colours and sounding like something between floating synthetic pop, prog-rock and dreamy electronica. According to the man himself, this ten-track album shows a vaporised vision of a world that doesn't belong to any particular time or place. “Nostalgia is a common thread in my work, but this album wasn’t driven by that idea. I see these songs as artefacts from a future which might have more in common with our past than our present,” says Hansen. As an appetiser, alongside the track-list and sleeve art, we leave you with the first advance track, “Hours”. Tycho - Hours [Dive LP - Nov. 2011] by Tycho

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