Info on “Parodia Flare” debut album

Tropics – Parodia Flare

The “Mouves EP” won’t even be out until the 18th of this month, and we already have information on Chris Ward’s (alias Tropics) debut album for Planet Mu. The young British talent’s first LP is due out on 20th September, will be called “Parodia Flare” and will hold twelve tracks, ten of which are unreleased. The other two are on “Mouves”, the EP on which Ward makes his debut as a vocalist, something he’ll continue to do on his album, according to the label. Apart from his voice, the Briton shows his talent as a multi-instrumentalist, playing drums, guitars, synthesisers and rhythm boxes. Sound-wise, the album features both exuberant and delicate electronica and pop; hypnotic songs with a cosmic feel, synthetic or organic. As an appetiser we leave you with Yasuyuki Kubota’s great video for “Mouves” .

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