Tristan Perich

1-Bit Symphony

Tristan PerichSonic and visual artist Tristan Perich aspires to realising complex music with supposedly simple technologic mechanisms. One of his most notorious efforts to date is 1-Bit Music (2004), a project of artistic reflection on the bases of digital sound, which saw Perich fit an electronic circuit in a CD case with an incorporated headphone entry so that, every time someone would plug in his headphones in the device, the circuit automatically would start to reproduce 40 minutes of electronic music in 1-bit fidelity, the lowest conceivable audio representation. Now Perich has decided to extend that same idea to a “symphonic” format. According to the press release, "1-Bit Symphony utilizes on and off electrical pulses, synthesized by assembly codes and routed from microchip to speaker, to manifest data as sound. The device treats electricity as a sonic medium, making an intimate connection between the materiality of hardware and the abstract logic of software." His 1-Bit Symphony will be released on 24th August via Cantaloupe Music in the same physical format as “1-Bit Music”: Perich has constructed an electric circuit capable of “interpreting” the five movements of his 1-bit symphony every time someone connects his or her headphones to the audio output on the side of the jewel case housing the circuit. If it’s still unclear to you what it looks like, check the video below.

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