Toro Y Moi

New EP in September

It’s official: Chaz Bundick never stops. While his debut album “Causers Of This” was released just last year (Carpark, 2010), the follow-up, “Underneath The Pine”, has been out for a few months now. In between came the debut EP by LES SINS, his other, more dance-orientated project. We don’t know where he finds the time (he’s touring as well), but Toro Y Moi have their new release ready, although this time it’s an EP. “Freaking Out” will be out on 13th September on Carpark Records. The press note says the tracks aren’t leftovers from the second album, but completely new material. In fact, they were recorded in June, between gigs.

As an appetiser, they’ve given us “Saturday Love”, a track you can download in exchange for your email address in the widget below. It’s a cover version of a minor hit by Alexander O’Neal with Cherrelle from 1985. It’s clear that Bundick has no intention to let people stick labels like chill-wave on his music. "Saturday Love"

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