Toro Y Moi

A second step

Toro Y MoiImbued with the impetus of a beginner like an inexperienced lover, with adolescent ardour and passion reduced to the right proportions over time, South-Carolinian Chaz Bundick promised at the end of last year a second long player before the end of 2010. It was a well-meant announcement, sure, but a bit hasty, too, if one considers he dropped it when his debut album, the celebrated “Causers of This” (Carpark, 2010), was still waiting to see the light. In the end, the second album by Toro Y Moi will be out in 2011, on 22nd February, via Carpark. That release date, together with the tracklist, is all we know so far about the album, titled “Underneath the Pine”.

As for the sound pervading the album, Bundick said a while ago it’d be, “ different from Causers, more lo-fi. The songwriting is more linear, as opposed to having the ability to move samples and parts around. I've always written different styles of songs at once and the second album is just sort of the result. I usually like to work on guitar-/piano-based stuff and then MIDI-/electronic-based stuff. I tend to get bored when I work on one thing; it's fun to have a challenge and to work out of order.” More details soon.

Toro Y Moi - “Underneath the Pine”01. Intro/Chi Chi 02. New Beat 03. Go With You 04. Divina 05. Before I'm Done 06. Got Blinded 07. How I Know 08. Light Black 09. Still Sound 10. Good Hold 11. Elise

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