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DâM-FunK, Onra, Chromeo and Hudson Mohawke are only a few of the most visible faces of a phenomenon, the recovery of 80s boogie, which is much more wide ranging than you would think at first. That’s why Marc Wallowy, capo of the Tokyo Dawn label, decided to dedicate a compilation album to the affair, collecting almost twenty recent pieces –some more house-oriented, some leaning towards hip-hop or towards urban pop, but all inspired more or less by the funk of Minneapolis, the electro, P-funk and R&B of the eighties– that serve as an overview of modern versions of boogie. Some of the previously unreleased cuts (by, for example, Amalia, Blaktroniks, Replife, Soulparlor and Vindahl) on “The Boogie” are, furthermore, previews of several of the albums to be released in 2011 by Tokyo Dawn. The compilation will be released on 21st January. If you want to listen to (part of) the tracks, click here.

Var.- The Boogie 01. Opolopo & Amalia - Life's dance (Nu Opo Swing Mix) 02. Chacho Brodas - Siente mi Funk 03. Spinnerty - Just Listen feat. John Robinson (B. Bravo remix) 04. Stray - If lovin' U 05. Saturn Never Sleeps - The Magic Hour 06. Aybee - In every way feat. Omega 07. Soulparlor - Planet Sex feat. Replife 08. Blaktroniks - It Can Get Ugly 09. B. Bravo - Computa Love 10. AD Bourke - Aries 11. Favorite Flava - So cruel (Sasac Remix) 12. Vindalh - Sometimes (12" Groove Version) 13. The Rah Band - Messages from the stars (Original 12") 14. Reeno - So Funky 15. Porformat - Mothership feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow (Opolopo Remix) 16. Swedeart - I'm A R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks (Tokimonsta Remix) 17. Addiquit - Take U Home 18. Eagle Nebula - What I Like

Chacho Brodas - Siente Mi Funk (preview)

Opolopo & Amalia - Life's A Dance (Nu Opo Swing Mix) (preview)

Soulparlor - Planet Sex feat. Replife (preview)

Saturn Never Sleeps - The Magic Hour (preview)

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