Learning to verbalize

TobaccoHas Tobacco grown tired of his lonely existence, of his essentially instrumental nature? It looks like it. After collaborating with Beck Hansen on two songs (one of them used as single) featured on his most recent album, the elusive Tom Fec has added vocals to several of his dirty and rough electronic creations. Fec has invited atypical rhymers like Doseone, Serengeti and the Anti-Pop Consortium members, as well as pupils of the weird funk school like Zackey Force Funk. Seven of those “verbalized” tracks (four of them included on “Maniac Meat”, released this year by Anticon, and three previously unreleased ones) will be released on 9th November on “ LA UTI”, an EP of generous length put out by Anticon. Tobacco - “LA UTI” 01. TV All Greasy (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium) 02. The Injury (feat. Doseone) 03. Lick the Witch (feat. Rob Sonic) 04. 2 Thick Scoops (feat. Serengeti) 05. Sweatmother (feat. Height) 06. Unholy Demon Rhythms (feat. Icicle Frog) 07. Lamborghini Meltdown (feat. Zackey Force Funk)

Tobacco . TV All Greasy (ft. Anti-Pop Consortium).mp3


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