Tim Hecker

Postcards from a long-gone past

Tim HeckerPast, present and future merge in the hands of Canadian Tim Hecker. A month ago today, Alien 8 re-edited—on vinyl for the first time— “Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again” (Substractif, 2001), the debut album by Hecker that ten years after it’s first release is just as sonically intriguing as it was back then. Now, the magician of the most textured and sensual ambient drone is in the limelight again thanks to the announcement of a new long player, due out at the beginning of next year. Judging by the tracks featured, the album seems to have found inspiration in specific moments of a dark past, real or imaginary. The album, entitled “Ravedeath, 1972”, is a new treatise of experimental equilibrium at the juncture of ambient, electro-acoustic-style drone-noise and electronica keen on the micro-editing and digital processing of natural audio sources. Search for it in stores as of 14th February via Kranky.

Tim hecker - “Ravedeath, 1972”01. The Piano Drop 02. In the Fog: I 03. In the Fog: II 04. In the Fog: III 05. No Drums 06. Hatred of Music: I 07. Hatred of Music: II 09. Analog Paralysis, 1978 09. Studio Suicide, 1980 10. In the Air: I 11. In the Air: II 12. In the Air: III

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