Tim Cohen

Laugh Tracks

Tim CohenCalifornian Tim Cohen, member of the bands Fresh & Onlys and the now defunct Black Fiction, is ready to share his second solo work and the first one for the Captured Tracks label, following his debut last year put out on Secret Seven and Empty Cellar. Developing from his previous release, “The Two Sides of Tim Cohen” (2009), a suggestive domestic treatment of psych-folk, Cohen’s sound on “Laugh Songs” (2010) is cleaner and busier, and features wind arrangements - a new exercise in outsider pop you’ll be able to buy from 15th June.

Tim Cohen - “Laugh Tracks”

01. Oh, Oh, Oh 02. Wonderful Life 03. A Mind of Their Own 04. Laughter 05. Deep Blue Sea 06. I Lifted My Arms 07. That's My Baby 08. Send No Sign 09. Mines The One 10. Pray For Me 11. Small Things Matter

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