Those Dancing Days

Of Dreams and Nightmares

Those Dancing DaysTwo years after drawing the attention of the international pop community with “In Our Space Hero Suits” (Wichita, 2008), Swedish Lolita’s Those Dancing Days return. And it looks like they’ve changed their faces and attitudes somewhat, now fiercer. It wasn’t that long ago that these girls from Stockholm defined their music on their MySpace page as “s weet as an apple-pie pop.” We don’t know if it’s down to the stresses of modern living or a new diet of old garage rock, but judging from the track presenting their new album it seems that they have decided to leave the twee and soulful pop behind. The lead single of this second effort is called “Daydreams And Nightmares” and will be available as from 7th March via Wichita. As a first appetiser, on their official website the band are offering “Fuckarias” as a free download. The video of the same song awaits you after the jump.

Those Dancing Days - “Daydreams And Nightmares”01. Reaching Forward 02. I’ll Be Yours 03. Dream About Me 04. Help Me Close My Eyes 05. Can’t Find Entrance 06. Fuckarias 07. Forest Of Love 08. When We Fade Away 09. Keep Me In Your Pocket 10. I Know Where You Live Pt. 2 11. One Day Forever

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