Thomas Köner


Thomas Köner  Tríptico Type Recordings , that leader in sensitive, emotional experimentation, is re-releasing part of the seminal work of German audio-artist, Thomas Köner, who pioneered ambient and muted drone, the decade-old style that branched into sub-genres like “isolationism”. The first three albums by Köner, “Nunatak”, “Teimo” and “Permafrost” were all originally released between 1990 and 1993 through Barooni but have now been deleted for some time. From 17th August, they will be available once more, with the original tracklist, compiled in a triple package box set.

Thomas Köner - “Nunatak . Teimo . Permafrost”

Nunatak01. Untitled02. Untitled03. Untitled04. Untitled05. Untitled06. Untitled07. Untitled08. Untitled09. Untitled10. Untitled11. Untitled

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