Thomas Fehlmann

All about Mahler

It’s not only Indignant Senility and Matthew Herbert who’ve shown interest in the Classical composer Gustav Mahler lately. Veteran Thomas Fehlmann, former member of bands like Palais Schaumburg, Sun Electric and The Orb, used the work of Mahler as raw material last year. In October, Fehlmann gave a special performance in Montreal, working with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra on an adaptation of the post-romantic composer’s “Symphony N°. 1 (Titan)”. Inspired by that night, Fehlmann recorded a new interpretation of “Titan” alongside Berlin composer Benjamin Meyers, which will soon be released as a 12” on Kompakt. The single will be out as a limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies on 31st January, including a new version of “Du Fehlst Mir” (an original from 2002’s “Visions of Blah”, released on Kompakt as well, re-baptised “DFM” for the occasion) on the flipside.

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