Thomas Brinkmann

General Eclectics

Thomas BrinkmannTwo years after daring to sing on When Horses Die (Max Ernst, 2008), the veteran Thomas Brinkmann has announced a new project under the name Soul Center. The project is directed towards techno-funk with a soulful heart, and will be his first album since III (Nova Mute, 2001). Brinkmann's new album as Soul Center is called "General Eclectics" and will be available in stores from 11th September on the Shitkatapult label. According to the press release, "General Eclectics" is an album that veers towards techno expressionism with a funky accent, in which, unlike previous installments in the Soul Center saga, the samples are noticeable by their absence.

As a taste of what’s to come in September, “GE 01” is available from today. It’s a 12” of four very different cuts which you can get here:

Soul Center - “General Electrics” 01. Marmelade 02. Hal2010 03. Boot Box 04. Fu_ky Du_ky 05. Walk With Me 06. Don't Fake The Cake 07. Pig Peg 08. Shum(ichi) 09. Liza U.. 10. Dyr Bul Scyl

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