Thieves Like Us

Again and Again

Thieves Like UsTo insist and to persist, to be loyal to their principles; that seems to be “modus operandi” of the Pontus, Björn and Andy second long player. It's taken a year and a half for Play Music (Sea You Re 2008) to leave its mark in the collective consciousness. First warning about their personal synth-pop, French house, dub disco, cosmic psychedelia, Krautronica and minimal wave amalgam. Now Thieves Like Us return to the forefront with “Again and Again” , a second album and perfect follow up - though with a bigger acoustic sound- available through Shelflife around June the 6th.

“Never Known Love” was uploaded at the band’s official website a couple of weeks ago and now it’s the turn of “Forget Me Not”, the closing track of an album that you can listen in full glory here. Thieves Like Us - “Again and Again” 01. Never Known Love 02. Shyness 03. Mercy 04. One Night With You 05. Silence 06. Lover Lover 07. Love Saves 08. The Walk 09. So Clear 10. Forget Me Not

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