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These New PuritansAlthough they’ve been exploring the potential of remixes to give a new dimension to their songs for a while, it’s now that These New Puritans have decided to release a new reference featuring remixes of their defiant “Hidden” (Domino, 2010). Many of you might already know Salem’s reinterpretation of “Hologram”, included on These New Puritans’ most recent single release. Jack Barnett and co. even offered the download for free on their website. Alongside the Salem guys, SBTRKT, Main Attrakionz and Ghosthunter have remixed “Three Thousand” and “We Want War” (two remixes of this one) to be released on “Hidden Remixes EP”. The album will hit retailers on 25th October digitally and on a 10” format via Angular.

These New Puritants - “Hidden Remixes” 01. Introduction 02. We Want War - SBTRKT 03. 3000 - Main Attrakionz 04. Hologram - Salem 05. We Want War - Ghosthunter

These New Puritans vs. Main Attrakionz – 3000

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