The Strokes

Their new album will be called “Angles”

The Strokes  AnglesNikolai Fraiture’s recent declarations to the BBC had so many repercussions that a few days later he had to come out to explain things a bit more on Facebook. The Strokes’ bassist confirmed what he’d said about the new album coming out in March, and that the date leaked by Direct Current, quoting an internal memo from RCA was, in fact, correct. The fourth album by The Strokes, which promises a return to the “classic sound” of the band’s first two records, will be released on 22nd March, via RCA. In the U.S. at least. No sleeve art has been confirmed as of yet (nobody believed Casablancas’ little joke), nor an official tracklist, but thanks to a recent article in North American Rolling Stone we now know that there is a tentative title: “Angles”. According to Albert Hammond Jr., it represents the way the album sounds, as the first to feature compositions by all members of the band. “Undercover of Darkness” will be the first single off the album, and if all goes well, it must be about to be released.

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