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Mike Skinner goes to the movies

Mike Skinner The Streets AddolorataIf anyone was in doubt the death foretold of The Streets, read this. In recent declarations to The Guardian, Skinner expresses himself in a not very promising way, not only when talking about his immediate future, but even when evaluating his work as The Streets over the last decade. In the words of Skinner: "I don't want to do the Streets anymore. I should have moved on a long time ago." When creation becomes a predictable routine...

So it seems that “Computer and Blues” (out on 7th February) will be his last album as The Streets. Furthermore, his upcoming work won’t be in music but in film. Over the past few months there has already been talk about Skinner’s desire to do something for the silver screen, more as a possibility than as something concrete, but it looks like it’s serious now. The Guardian gives some details that make it clear that Mike Skinner’s film, described by him as a “punchy thriller” situated in a hospital, is a real project in which Ted Mayhem is involved as a collaborator as well. What’s the reason for this change of heart? “The idea is to feel about something like I did at the beginning the Streets, when I didn't know what was possible. We're not going to obsess ourselves with screenings and openings. We've just got to make something that's beautiful - that's tense and interesting all the way through to the end. That's the core of art, sod everything else.”

Photo by Addolorata.

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