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Cyberspace and Reeds

The StreetsIn the end it seems there will be not one but two new albums by The Streets. And to add insult to injury, they’ll be released almost simultaneously. In a new entry on his blog, Skinner states, not without bitterness, that his new record, “Computer and Blues”, to be released in February, already sounds old (to him, at least). Apparently it’s been ready for over a year, and awaiting a release date “they” (supposedly the people at his label, 679 Recordings) have been postponing in order to create a buzz around its release. Tired of waiting and feeling the songs are already part of a distant past, Skinner has decided to make another record based on “recordings of different moments”. This is the announcement in his own words:

“I feel negative about everything I’m doing at the moment because I’ve been doing the same thing for as long as I remember. I’m being creative but I don’t feel any emotion as I do it. It’s nothing new. I lie on the sofa. iPad playing music on my chest, Kindle in one hand, with a field recorder in the other recording the sound of the room. I’ve been recording a lot of rooms lately. I can either lie here and just watch James Bond, or I can get up and make another album from recordings of various rooms. I’ll call the album ‘cyberspace and reds’. It will be available before 7th February. It will be painfully repetitive. There’ll be chord changes that have never changed in that way before. The lyrics will make no sense”.

It sounds like a joke, as a tantrum, but the fact is that a first song has already appeared on YouTube – check it in the video below.

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