The Smiths

Monumental box set to be released

Three years ago, Warner boxed the first ten 7”s by The Smiths, alongside two more records containing rarities. From the moment the limited and numbered box set was announced, it became the most wanted collector's item to fans of the Manchester band. All that is about to change. The ever attentive Rhino are preparing another Smiths box set - limited to 3,000 copies worldwide – which will easily rival the previous release. Under the title The Smiths Complete – Deluxe Collectors Box Set, it will include the eight albums by the band – i.e. the four studio albums, the compilations “Hatful Of Hollow” (Rough Trade, 1984), “The World Won’t Listen” (Rough Trade, 1987) and “Louder Than Bombs” (Rough Trade, 1987), and live album “Rank” (Rough Trade, 1988) - conveniently re-mastered by Johnny Marr and Frank Arkwright. Each record will come in two formats: as a CD with a gatefold sleeve and as a 180-grams vinyl. Furthermore, the Deluxe edition will contain 25 7”s, in other words: all of them, plus the odd rarity; a 36 x 24 inch poster with all the album and single covers; a DVD titled “The Complete Picture”, featuring all of their videos; an eight-page, 12” booklet with hagiographic notes; 12” prints of the eight album sleeves; and a download code for all of the material on MP3. The release date is 3rd October and the price will be 249.99 British pounds. The eight albums will also be released as a CD box set and a (limited) vinyl box set. You may start saving up now.

Please, please, please, let me get what I want smiths

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