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Listen to “In The Grace of Your Love”

Ten days ago, DFA Records, the American home of The Rapture, uploaded a video stream of “In The Grace of Your Love”. However, though the idea is nice, dedicating a “White Out Session” to a whole album makes for an uncomfortable listening session, as you're not able to skip between tracks or go back to a certain moment or track, not to mention the background noise lowering the sound quality. Maybe that's why the good people at Modular, the band's Australian label, decided to offer their own streaming, more conventional. In the player below you'll find the whole of “In The Grace of Your Love” for you to listen to as you please. The album will be out on DFA on 5th September, while Australia will see the release three days earlier. They will be playing in London on thursday 8th September at XOYO.

The Rapture - In The Grace of Your Love by modularpeople

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