The Pleasure Of Fear: horror at Unsound

New PlayTV documentary from the Polish Unsound festival

UNSOUND PLayTv Every Autumn, an exceptional festival is celebrated in the town of Kraków (Poland): it’s called Unsound and it features an impeccable selection of brilliant electronic underground and avant-garde artists. Over the years, Unsound has grown from being a small festival to a must-attend event for those who search for new frontiers, the latest sonic discoveries, and the artists broadening the horizon of experimental music, club rhythms and the depths of noise. During its 2010 edition, Unsound dedicated the week to a theme that’s at the centre of today’s music: horror. Or: the feeling of uncertainty and anguish present on many of the records by artists who lead the way these days. The fascination with the unknown, and the fear of darkness. The PlayTV cameras were in Kraków to capture the unique Unsound atmosphere and, while they were at it, enter that state of primal fear music can transmit. And we weren’t on our own. Alongside journalist Philip Sherburne, one of the sharpest observers of musical actuality –you can read his articles in The Wire, Pitchfork, Beatportal, Rhapsody and on his own blog–, we walked along the streets of Kraków and through the Unsound spaces to discover where the fear in present music is born. What you will see is not an interview nor an abstract piece. It’s a documentary in several parts in which Sherburne and PlayGround together explore the festival and talk with some of the artists playing there. In this first part it’s Demdike Stare (and the absolute notion of horror) who take the mic. unsound festival 2010 We will be releasing more episodes until completing the documentary, a summary of Unsound that will take us to the next Krakow edition of the festival in October, and Unsound New York, which is coming very soon, on 6th to 10th April this Spring. Before that, take our hand and enter with us. We’ll take a step towards the darkness. Watch the first episode on PlayTV.

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