The Horrors

Third album, “Skying”, ready for summer

The Horrors - “Skying” Faris Badwan said July, and that’s how it’s going to be. The Horrors have just confirmed the comments by their tall, slight frontman, stating that their new and third album will be in stores via XL Recordings on 11th July. The records will be called “Skying” and will feature ten songs recorded in their newly built studio in Dalston. Among them, “Still Life”, a first single you can listen to below. Judging from this track, the five from Southend seem to have abandoned the darkest abysses to take a strange path that pairs eighties synth-pop (the keyboards are pure Gary Numan) with the stadium rock in the vein of Simple Minds, and the epic end of the most orchestrated Brit-pop. It’s a change in sound we couldn’t applaud more. They already reinvented themselves on “Primary Colours” (XL, 2009) and it looks like they’re doing it again. The Badwan Boys are back in town.

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