The Heretic Of Ether

Graphic Novel for iPad

The Heretic Of Ether “Dub fiction: a genre of visual, theatrical and literary storytelling, commonly implementing the appropriation of found of pre recorded materials, deeply rooted in underground music and visual culture, combining psychedelia, horror, science fiction and ‘audiophilia’”. This is how Dub Fiction present themselves, the project that has been putting the finishing touch to their first release these days: “The Heretic Of Ether”, a graphic novel –still being developed– presented as an application for the iPad, something that would normally not be featured here on PlayGround, were it not for two things: the sci-fi novel shares titles with one of the best albums by Badawi (the alias Raz Mesinai uses when exploring hybrids of dub, ambient and traditional sounds of the Middle East), and about 12 hours ago it was confirmed on Twitter that Kode9 & Space Ape and that same Badawi will be part of the soundtrack to the novel, apparently contributing new and original material recorded especially for the occasion. More info as we get it.

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