The Flaming Lips

Collaborations with Lightning Bolt and Panda Bear

The Flaming Lips Photo by Kris Krug Granted, their recent projects seem to be initiated with the sole objective of capturing people’s attention. Even so, Wayne Coyne and his Flaming Lips’ new efforts still holds enough musical surprises for us to keep following them up close. The band is currently working on a live album focussed on one of their most acclaimed works to date, “The Soft Bulletin” (Warner, 1999), and there are some other promising things in the pipeline, even though we don’t know all the details yet. Three days ago, Coyne dedicated a few tweets to his collaboration with Lightning Bolt, the exciting rhythm and noise project of Brian Chippendale and Brian Gibson. And the list of new accomplices doesn’t end there. In a recent interview with Esquire, Wayne said, without any further specifics, that they’re “gonna do something with Panda Bear, too”. There’s no dates, and no briefing on the collaboration, but at least we know the plan exists.

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