The 1-2-3-4 Festival

Noisey in the park

Black Lips The 1234 is back in East London’s Shoreditch park this weekend, and amongst other brands lending their name to a stage, the festival has hooked up with music discovery platform Noisey this year, launched by VICE, which you might remember us mentioning a few times recently on these pages. We’ll also be feeling the VICE influence this Saturday with headliners The Black Lips, who are signed to VICE records and whose new album ‘Arabia Mountain’ got an insightful review here yesterday, and labelmates The Raveonettes, both appearing at the festival. Also worth the ticket price all on their own are post-punk pioneer Lydia Lunch, known for her raucous and raunchy performances , The King Blues, The Chapman Family, Zombie Nation, Rainbow Arabia, Becoming Real and Damo Suzuki of Krautrocker’s Can. Spread across four stages, expect a whole lot of handlebar moustaches and equals measures of cider.

The1234 Festival takes place on Saturday 9th July. Tickets are £22.50 and are available here.

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