The Embassy

Upcoming compilation of unreleased tracks and rarities

Swedish label Service is announcing a compilation dedicated to The Embassy, an essential name in the realm of Scandinavian electronic pop (particularly the “Gothenburg sound”) of the last ten years. “Life In The Trenches – The Other Side of 2001-2011” will contain thirteen previously unreleased tracks and rarities recorded over the ten years of their existence. According to the label, “all tracks are non-album tracks. Most have been unavailable outside Sweden and are rare also in Sweden, some are almost impossible to find outside this album and some are never before released.” All that, with the objective of “perverting consumerism's constant desire for the New.” The album will be released on 27th September, but you can already pre-order your copy here. As an appetiser, here we leave you with the video of “Puttgarden”, another delicious synth-pop exercise by the Gothenburg duo.

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