The Dirtbombs

Cover versions remixed by the new Detroit generation

The DirtbombsA band like The Dirtbombs, normally dedicated to distilled punk, glam, soul and classic R&B-infested garage, doing an album of cover versions of tracks from Detroit’s electronic legacy? Right. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, click here, as last November we told you about the plans of Mick Collins, an unexpected fan of tracks like “Sharevari” (A Number Of Names), “Alleys of Your Mind” (Cybotron), “Good Life” (Inner City) and“Strings of Life” (Derrick May), all classic titles from the Motor City’s house and techno realm. The album, “Party Store”, will be released on 1st February via In The Red. Now we’ve learned that around the same time, Scion will release a digital EP that takes the concept one step further: Collins and his people have decided to hand over some of their interpretations to some of the new names on the Detroit electronic scene. Omar S, Ectomorph and Kyle Hall have been invited to remix the covers The Dirtbombs made of “Sharevari”, “Jaguar” and “Bug In The Bassbin”, completing a curious process of digital-analogue-digital conversion. So watch the Scion space from 1st February onwards.

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