The Dirtbombs

Their interpretations of Detroit Techno

The Dirtbombs Brian AlesiWhoever thinks of themselves as a fan of rock guitars, especially in their most raw and garage forms, will know that Mick Collins is a usual suspect on the Detroit scene - first as the frontman of the legendary The Gories , then as the brain behind The Dirtbombs, a band that since the middle of the 90s has been brewing their particular hybrid formula with rock, garage, punk, glam, soul and classic R&B. Almost a month ago, they surprised us with a post-disco cover of “Sharevari”, a classic song from A Number Of Names originally released by Capriccio on 1981. That surprise makes more sense now it’s been confirmed that Collins’ band, apparently big fans of the electronic music legacy of their city, are working on a whole album of their own interpretations of classic themes of Detroit techno. There are not many details available at the moment, apart from that they’ve already recorded the aforementioned “Sharevari”, and covers of the “Bug in the Bass Bin” by Innerzone Orchestra (with Carl Craig’s collaboration) and the “Cosmic Cars” by Cybotron. More details as soon as we get them.

Photo by Brian Alesi.

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