The Cool Kids

Debut album nearly out

The Cool KidsAntoine “Mikey Rocks” Reed and Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll congratulated themselves when, in the summer of 2008, their official debut EP captured the attention of all kinds of media (from within and outside of the hip-hop sphere). However, ever since the release of “The Bake Sale” (Chocolate Ind., 2008), The Cool Kids’ musical life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses. Crossed wires between them and their label led to friction, which is the reason The Cool Kids still haven’t released an album. In October, Inglish announced via Twitter that they are now free agents, after reaching an understanding to break their contract with Chocolate Industries. Now things seem to be moving somewhat faster for the Chicago duo. Details are unknown as of yet, but if we believe Mikey Rocks’ new tweet, the pair’s debut album – “When Fish Ride Bicycles”– will be in stores come January. If they can live up to his promise, we’ll also have Mikey’s first solo effort before 2011 ends, and even a whole second album by The Cool Kids. It seems like, in spite of the publishing drought, the boys from Illville haven’t wasted any time.

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