The Caretaker

New tricks by Leyland Kirby

The Caretaker Leyland Kirby

After the monumental “Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was” (HAFTW, 2009), and in parallel to his recent series “Intrigue & Stuff” (a project presented in four pieces), Leyland James Kirby returns as The Caretaker to pick his way through hauntological waters. Again, the whimsical and impenetrable mechanisms of human memory inspire the ideas behind the effort carrying title “An Empty Bliss Beyond This World”. The album is particularly influenced by medical studies that show that Alzheimer patients, despite their general memory loss, capable of remembering songs they’ve heard in the past. The album will be out early June on CD and vinyl, via History Always Favours The Winners. The artwork is once again the work of Ivan Seal. If you prefer digital, remember that Kirby is offering an unbeatable treatment these days .

The Caretaker - false memory syndrome Leyland Kirby, "Neon Lit Atoms"

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