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The BooksIt has taken five long years for Nick Zammuto and Paul de Jong to produce the next one up on the list to "Lost & Safe" (Tomlab, 2005), their third and last album until today- “Music For A French Eelevator And Other Short Format Oddities By The Books” (2006) doesn’t count as it was a compilation of music composed as a soundtrack for installations under The Books direction. The fourth effort coming from the New York duo and their love of multimedia experiments and collage post concrète will see the light of the day on July the 20th through Temporary Residence. Those of you that would like to read about its methodology and inspiration... sampler, sampler, mathematics, sampler, mathematics... of their new material, can do so on their new Tumblr blog.

The Books - “The Way Out”

01. Group Autogenics I 02. IDKT 03. I Didn’t Know That 04. A Cold Freezin’ Night 05. Beautiful People 06. I Am Who I Am 07. Chain of Missing Links 08. All You Need Is A Wall 09. Thirty Incoming 10. A Wonderful Phrase By Gandhi 11. We Bought The Flood 12. The Story of Hip Hop 13. Free Translator 14. Group Autogenics II

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