The Blank Dogs

Land and Fixed

The Blank DogsThe hyper-prolific Mike Sniper, the boss of the Captured Tracks label, has a new collection of lo-fi, minimal, synth-pop, and punk nightmares ready for release, the follow-up—in album format this time around—to the five references (four long tapes and a 12”) the label has put out so far this year. Little more is known so far about the new Blank Dogs album, besides the title, “Land and Fixed” and the fact it includes a dozen less blurry and dark new songs. On a recent chat with The Line Of Best Fit, Spiner said: "It's definitely more cleanly recorded, there's a lot more in the mixing and very little distortion. I wanted to create a feeling of space. I found when listening to Under and Under it became this continuous, gauze-like swamp. It was meant to be listened to one side at a time, 5 songs at a time, but of course, it's the iPod age and so that's not how people listen to it [...] I suppose this LP is a reaction to that. It's still the same style of songwriting, just. more expansive."

Should things roll out as expected, the album will hit the stores on 12th October, coinciding with the band’s new European Tour, which will include dates in Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and London.

Black Dogs - “Land and Fixed” 01. Goes By 02. Collides 03. Longlights 04. Northern Islands 05. Insides 06. Blurred Tonight 07. Languages 08. Elevens 09. Out the Door 10. All Around 11. Through the Wall 12. Treelines

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