The Black Dog

Revisiting ?Furthers Vexations?

The Black DogAfter reformulating their opinion of what social and utilitarian electronic ambient should be on “Music For Real Airports” (a conceptual album released as a response to Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports” (1979), a mistake according to British electronic listening music critics), The Black Dog have decided to revisit their most recent past and extend their “Further Vexations” (Soma, 2009) by way of remixes. 25th October is the date chose by Soma Records to release “Final Collected Vexations”, an album featuring remixes by Autechre, Claro Intelecto, Redshape and Slam, of tracks from “Further Vexations”. Listen to 30 second long fragments of all the remixes, on the collection below.

The Black Dog – “Final Collected Vexations”01. 0093 [Berlin Mix] 02. You're Only SQL [BCN Mix] 03. Plinth 04. Tunnels OV Set (Crookes Mix) 05. Tunnels OV Set (The Bass Soldier's Manor Top Mix) 06. Tunnels OV Set (Autechre Remix) 07. Tripside Syndicate 08. Northern Electronic Soul (Claro Intelecto Snake Pass Mix) 09. CCTV Nation (Redshape Analogue Mix) 10. Skinclock (Silicone Soul Remix) 11. Kissing Someone Else's D.O.G. (Octogen Nightdrive Mix) 12. CCTV Nation (Slam Remix)

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